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Being Female: Art As Empowerment 

Photograph of the St. James Triad sculpture (by Richard McDermott Miller) top left by Nancy Dafoe; art top right by Karen Dillon. Logo below by Laurie Seamans.

Showcase and Gallery Exhibition Success!
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Launching Being Female

Art as Empowerment brings women together in an artistic movement to create a world of true equality. In a world where generations of women have dreamed of women’s equality in their lifetime, facing the reality that we are moving backward has become unbearable to many of us. Rather than continuing to fight to fix this world, we want to create a movement toward true equality, empowerment, and equal opportunity. Our first step on this journey is generating and showcasing women’s art. All female-identifying artists, from writers to musicians, dancers to visual artists, performing artists to folk artists, are invited to take part in a collaborative demonstration of true equality.


Vision Statement

Being Female: Art as Empowerment’s purpose is to create a world of equality, agency, and empowerment for all women.

Mission Statement

Artists of all mediums and multi-media, who identify as female, are invited to individually and collaboratively create art that acts both as a vision and a vehicle of women’s empowerment and works to create a world where true freedom, equality, and justice exist.  

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